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Security for residential property

Mountain Brook LocksmithLocksmith security is a must in this day and age! For ages, locks and keys have guarded what's important to us including public buildings, tombs and temples. One place stands out that absolutely must have adequate security and that's your home!

It's not always the other person!

We are so used to turning on the television or unfolding the newspaper and seeing crimes committed to other persons at their homes. This could include home invasions, burglaries, vagrants, attempted squatters, vandalism and more. As awful as these incidents are, they are worse so when they happen to our loved ones or to ourselves. Having good quality residential security is a great way to thwart problems of this type. Good, solidly installed locks and security systems can frustrate a burglar to the point of giving up. Bear in mind that almost all incidents of residential crime are at the hands of amateur crooks and thieves and not organized crime thugs or secret agents of a foreign government. The goal of the burglar or thief is to find easy pickings and unless you have quite a stash of art, cash and jewels at home, your crime bent intruder will not risk injury, arrest or death just to get inside. Home is considered almost sacred ground for most as this is not only where we live but where we keep our valuables and raise our families. Even if you don't have a new and growing family unit your home is considered the one place that is not to be violated by anyone! This now begs the question; how do you secure your home against outside threats of any kind? You don't want to be too obvious; that would just attract attention. You don't want to (or can't) spend too much money on making your residence more secure, so what are your options at this point?

Start here

Let's start with the basics; door locking. Your front and back doors have locks on them; they have to, it's the law. Use them and not just when you retire for the night or leave the house. Use them all the times. Get in the habit of locking your doors. Watch old black and white movies and television shows and you see neighbors freely walking in and out of each other's homes. These are not those times. All it takes is one crook to sneak in and your life can be ruined or even over! Good habits are acquired by repetition so get in the habit of door locking now!

Garage door interior lock - use it!

Speaking of locking your doors, be sure to start locking the door leading into the house from the garage. At first this may seem pointless but think about it. Whether you are home or not, a crook that is able to get inside your garage can simply close the door and walk undetected into your home. He or she will not be seen from the street and even if the interior door lock needs picking, the task is done easier if shielded by the now closed main garage door.

Close drapes and blinds

Don't start living the paranoid life; hiding at home in the dark and always looking over your shoulder; no need for that. Do practice common sense by closing drapes and drawing blinds when dark or not home. Anyone trying to break-in and steal, kidnap or kill will first observe from outside to see who's home and to discover the layout of the place. If it's dark outside or too easy to see inside, the perpetrator finds it easy to watch from a safe distance outside the home.

Add a security door

Do you or your kids answer the door each time someone knocks or rings the bell? A smart way to add security to your home life is to have a sturdy security door installed. You have some choices here; go inexpensive and get a home improvement style door that is easy to attach and easy to afford, or hire an ornamental iron worker that specializes in security doors to make one specially for your front door. We recommend the latter. The slightly higher cost will more than pay for itself with better security and peace of mind. The specially made doors cannot be simply unbolted and removed like the cheaper models.

Deadbolts and peepholes

A strong deadbolt will add a second line of defense to your home property if and when an intruder tries to get in. Should a burglar manage to bypass your main door lock, he will now have to pick your deadbolt lock as well and this takes additional time and effort. This extra time give you, the homeowner time to call police or even arm yourself. Most intruders will choose to move on to another less protected house. Your peephole allows you to see just who is on the other side of the door. Together, peepholes and deadbolts make a valuable addition to any home's front door.


One of the smartest and most affordable things you can do to better secure your home is to have your locks rekeyed. This simple act makes all of your original lock's keys void and useless. You will need new keys in order to operate your same lock. The locksmith doing the rekey will change the inside pins and springs so that using only the new keys is mandatory. You save money by not actually having the lock changed but you get the advantage of voiding all older keys. Anyone still holding a copy of your house key is now unable to use it to gain access to your home.