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Why are Deadbolts Effective for Homeowners?

Mountain Brook LocksmithThe most popular locks used by homeowners to secure their properties are deadbolt locks. It is likely that you use a deadbolt lock every day of some sort to secure your home or have in the past. Deadbolt locks come in a couple of different types, as well as looks and finishes. To learn more about deadbolt locks, as well as why they are effective locks for homeowners.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

Single Cylinder

These are the most common type of deadbolt lock. Single cylinder deadbolt locks have a turn knob on the interior side of the lock and a key slot on the exterior. Homeowners, when inside of their homes, can turn the latch and secure their homes quickly and easily within seconds. When leaving, homeowners can then use a key to lock the door completely until they arrive back home. This procedure is so common and natural for most homeowners, they may lock their doors instinctively without thinking much of it.

Double Cylinder

Double cylinder deadbolt locks are less common. Instead of having a turn knob on one side of the lock, a double cylinder deadbolt has a key slot on both the interior and exterior side of the lock. In this case, one needs a key to lock and unlock the door from both sides.

It is easy to see why double cylinder deadbolts are less common. They are not nearly as convenient as single cylinder deadbolt locks. However, you may want to consider installing a double cylinder deadbolt lock for entrances to your property that are not used as much or other areas. Even though they are less convenient, they are more secure than a standard deadbolt lock.

Deadbolt Lock Purposes and Uses

There are two primary functions of deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are superior over other kinds of locks for residential properties. Thanks to their security and convenience, deadbolt locks are a smart option for any homeowner to have or install.


The number one feature of a deadbolt lock is security. It is not wise to attempt to secure our home with any kind of lock that is less secure than a deadbolt. For example, just having a knob lock or latch lock on your front door without the presence of a deadbolt lock is not recommended. Deadbolt locks can withstand break-ins and other problems far better than knob locks or other smaller locks.

It is never wise to skip out on installing deadbolt locks in order to save on cost. Deadbolt locks tend to be affordable and are well worth any installations fees that you may incur. Since nothing is more important than protecting your home and family members, always make sure to secure your property, at minimum, with deadbolt locks of some sort.


Another great perk is convenience. Deadbolt locks are easy to operate, yet they are strong enough to keep your home secure. Switching the latch on a deadbolt lock can be accomplished in one quick and easy motion. Securing your home only takes a second and it not difficult to accomplish.

Pairing Deadbolts with Other Locks

If you want more security than a deadbolt lock can provide alone, or you simply want to reinforce your existing deadbolt lock, you can always pair it with some sort of latch lock or smaller lock. Latch locks and chain locks are the most popular lock paired with deadbolt locks. They sit at the top of the door and have one piece of hardware that connects to the door and the other to the door’s frame. Depending on your needs, you may choose one or the other. Chain locks are a good option if your front door does not have a peephole or way to see who is on the other side of the door without unlocking it. Latch locks, on the other hand, may be better suited for doors that already have peepholes.

Electronic or Keyless Deadbolt Locks

Just as with most tools in our lives now, even deadbolt locks have received a technological upgrade. Electronic deadbolt locks have become extremely popular in the last several years and the options to choose from are quite varied. Even if you are on a limited budget, it is possible to find an affordable electronic deadbolt lock model that fits your needs.

Even though deadbolt locks can sometimes be installed or replaced by homeowners, it is imperative to call in an expert if you plan on installing electronic locks. Smart or electronic locks of any kind will always require programming and specialized set-up. Allow a locksmith to help you and you are guaranteed to have your electronic locks installed and working correctly all in the same day.

Contact a Professional for More Information!

Do you have additional questions about deadbolt locks? Are you concerned about your home deadbolts or other aspects of your home security? Know that you can always call a professional locksmith and schedule a consultation. Locksmithing consultations allow locksmiths to perform a detailed inspection of your home locks. You will receive personalized information about your home security specifically, as well as which next steps to take when it comes to your home locks and keys that will benefit you the most.