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Why A Commercial Safe is Necessary

Mountain Brook Locksmith Make sure that you can protect your valuables with a commercial safe. This is the best way to protect and secure your valuables in the event of a break-in.

We will advise you of the most widely used types of commercial safes. We will also highlight some of the top features provided by safe manufacturers today and discuss how a locksmith can assist you in finding the right type of safe for your needs. They help you through the decision-making process and thus take away some of the frustration of trying to figure out which one to invest in. A commercial locksmith has experience working with businesses and their level of industry experience quality them to advise you of the type of locks and security will be best for you. They base this on various factors that the business owner may not consider.

Here are some of the different types of commercials safes that are offered to our customers in Mountain Brook:

Most Common Commercial Safes

Keep in mind that safes come in different sizes and different shapes. They might come with different features so that everyone's needs are effectively met. Here are what you will have to choose from.

  • Deposit Safes. These are mostly used in retail businesses and restaurants since they often operate with cash. It allows them a fast and convenient way to keep the money safe and secure until they can transfer it to the bank.
  • Office Safes. Another good option for a retail business or restaurant, the office safe offers a little more protection than a simple deposit safe. Some of the office safes have high fire-ratings and have been had their durability tested and passed. There are also some office safes that can be bolted to the floor and some that are freestanding.
  • Media Safes. This type of safe enables businesses to protect the data information of their customers. Protecting this type of information that is installed on hard drives need to be able to resist high temperatures in case of fire. This is why media or data safes have been designed, to protect information from fire or smoke damages due to the excessive heat.
  • Fire-rated Safes. This type of safe is particularly designed with the intent of protecting your valuables from fire damages. They have been professionally tested and have passed necessary regulations and rated accordingly. Check the fire-rated safes carefully to ensure they can provide the level of protection you want from fire and smoke. Some high-fire rating safes might be excellent for protecting your valuables against fire but do little to protect them from theft. If you want one that will do both, make sure you consult with a commercial locksmith prior to making the investment.
  • Under-floor Safes. It is assumed that a commercial business keeps cash on hand. If this is true of your business, an under-floor safe may benefit you because it goes undetected by others. If someone were to break-in, they wouldn't notice the safe and thus they couldn't break into it. It is concealing under your flooring between concrete slabs. This makes is difficult to take even if it is found.
  • High Security Safes. While these may be more expensive than the others types of safes that we mentioned, they offer the highest level of protection. Some of the impressive features that they offer include different locking mechanisms, which automatically engage when forced entry is attempted and barriers preventing drilling.

Hiring a Locksmith for Your Commercial Safe Installation

There are tons of options that are offered to you and this means that you don't have to choose just any safe for your business needs. It's easy to choose a safe with the help of a qualified locksmith with the skills and qualifications needed to assist you in this capacity. Finding the right type of safe requires that specific things be considered, such as the content you will store in it, whether it is water, smoke or fire resistant, size and cost. Determining what your specific needs are is easy with the help of a locksmith, as they know all the right questions to ask in order to help advise you of the ones that they believe will benefit you the most. Schedule a consultation with a commercial locksmith today to discuss your needs. Most consultations are offered without fees and are complimentary. You have nothing to lose by contacting a locksmith to discuss your needs today.